Introduction. Publication, Circulation and the Vernacular: Dimensions of World Literary Unevenness

This introduction positions the essays in this special issue in relation to Pascale Casanova’s model of inequality and value in the world republic of letters. Arguing that the vernacular has been an overlooked or underelaborated concept in subsequent world literary theorizations, the essay then proceeds to discuss the shifting value and nature of the vernacular – a concept that only has meaning if it is understood relationally. Both the vernacular and world literature are therefore utilized as heuristic tools, enabling dialogues across entrenched linguistic, cultural and theoretical boundaries. Hence, the unorthodox combination of South African, North American, Indian, Swedish, Russian, Mozambican and Latin American perspectives presented here.

author Christian Claesson, Stefan Helgesson and Adnan Mahmutovic (ed.)

Special issue of Interventions, 22.3: 301-309. 

published 2020