World Literature, Context and Global Studies. Workshop at Stockholm University

Welcome to a one-day workshop gathering on the topic of world literature, context, and global studies, organized by Louise Nilsson, Stefan Helgesson and Gül Bilge Han at the Department of English, Stockholm University.

Our aim is to discuss methodological challenges involved in examining world-literary texts from different contexts in relation to global/world-historical events and developments. We will workshop pre-circulated papers and share some of the recent theoretical work on world-literary methodologies relevant to our respective projects with colleagues in the field. The workshop is part of the research programme, "World Literatures: Cosmopolitan and Vernacular Dynamics," and it is scheduled to take place on 17 April 2018, 14.30-17.00, at the Department of English, Stockholm University, E890. 


written by Alice Duhan
10 April, 2018