Sociologies of Poetry Translation

Cecilia Schwartz from our research programme is amongst the contributors to a recent volume on the sociology of poetry translation. Her chapter is titled  "Semiperipheral Relations: The Status of Italian Poetry in Sweden". 

Jacob Blakesley (ed.), Sociologies of Poetry Translation. Emerging Perspectives (Bloomsbury, 2018)


Table of contents

Introduction (Jacob Blakesley)

Part I: Publishing Poetry Translations
1. Publishing Poetry in Translation: An Inquiry into the Margins of the World Book Market (Gisèle Sapiro)
2. Translation, Publishing, and World Literature: J.V. Foix's Daybook 1918 and the Strangeness of Minority (Lawrence Venuti)

Part II: Translating Poetry into English
3. Infernal Translations (Susan Bassnett)
4. Women Poet-Translators in Mid-Nineteenth Century Ireland: A Socio-Historical Approach (Michèle Milan)
5. The Poetry that Makes It (Sergey Tyulenev)

Part III: Ideological Debates on Poetry Translation
6. Merging Heterodoxy and Orthodoxy in Swahili Verse Translations (Serena Talento)
7. Shakespeare's Fair Youth Behind The Iron Curtain: Queer theory and Czechoslovakian Sonnet Translations (Eva Spišiaková)

Part IV: Quantitative Approaches to Poetry Translation
8. Semiperipheral Relations: The Status of Italian Poetry in Sweden (Cecilia Schwartz)
9. Reading Distantly Poetry Translation: Modern European Poet-Translators (Jacob Blakesley)

Part V: Microsocial Approaches to Poetry Translation
10. Octavio Paz and Charles Tomlinson: Literary Friendship and Translation (Tom Boll)

written by Alice Duhan
26 November, 2018