New Book on Swedish Working-class Fiction in Translation

Swedish working-class fiction from the 1930s has quite rightly been regarded as one of Sweden's most important contributions to world literature. Nowhere else has a single generation of self-taught writers with origins in the lower social classes had such a strong and long-lasting impact. But what happens once this literature travels outside of Sweden's borders? Does this literature have a life there?

Exporterad realism. Svensk arbetarlitteratur på engelska ("Realism on Export: Swedish Working-class Fiction in English Translation", Makadam, 2020) by Paul Tenngart shows how the so-called golden age in Swedish proletarian literature exists in the English-speaking world and presents a new model for how literary traffic across language and cultural boundaries can be studied. The study's conclusions also provide a new picture of the conditions that govern literary translations from smaller to larger languages.

You can read more about Paul Tenngart's work within our research programme here

written by Alice Duhan
8 January, 2021