Multilingualism in World Literatures

A workshop co-organized by LILAe and the research program “Cosmopolitan and Vernacular Dynamics in World Literatures” at Uppsala University, 23-24th May 2019. 

In contemporary theorization the very notion of world literature is becoming increasingly monolingual as a result of market forces and global English. Challenging contemporary linguistic hierarchies, this workshop explores multilingualism in the context of world literatures. Does multilingualism constitute a particular world literary form or theme? Can multilingualism be analyzed in terms of a site of intersection between vernacular and cosmopolitan dynamics? Is there a particular creative potential in multilingualism that comes to the fore in literature? Ranging across such questions, this workshop offers participants the opportunity to engage with the diverse and plural linguistic forms, dialects and vernaculars of world literature.


written by Alice Duhan
14 May, 2019