Multiethnica 2019: Special issue on multilingualism

Multiethnica is an interdisciplinary journal focusing on themes related to ethnicity. The journal was founded in 1987 and has since been an important and valued publication, serving a wide audience within and outside the scholarly community.

The journal addresses both thematic issues and issues concerning questions and topics that cross over disciplinary topics and genres. Focus is on the situation in the Nordic countries, but we also publish articles with wider international perspectives. The members of the editorial committee represent different disciplines, and we also engage with an external advisory committee consisting of Nordic and international experts. All articles are peer-reviewed and published primarily in Swedish or English.

The 2019 issue is dedicated to studies in multilingualism in literature, an expansive multidisciplinary research area that has seen a number of new perspectives during recent years.

The special issue brings together various perspectives regarding multilingualism in literature and in the literary field. We call for topics that are related to literary studies, but also, for example, to philology and minority studies. We welcome contributions with a focus on theoretical as well practical considerations. A suggested starting point might be an analysis of multilingual practices in a historical context or in the contemporary or future world.

Deadline for abstracts (max 200 words): January 31, 2019.

Deadline for full articles: March 31, 2019. (The length of the proposed manuscripts should be in the range of 8,000 word including endnotes and reference list.)

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written by Alice Duhan
8 November, 2018