Literature in the Nobel Era: Theoretical, archival, and critical approaches to the Nobel Prize in Literature

German Literature Archive, Marbach, 26-29th August 2020

The Nobel Prize in Literature is the most widely known and most prestigious literature prize worldwide. Since its first distribution in 1901, the prize has established itself as the epitome of cultural value. Considering this stature of the Nobel Prize, it is all the more remarkable that its ways of functioning and actual influence on the global literary field remain little known and poorly understood. This may have something to do with the fact that systematic research into the function and impact of the Nobel Prize in Literature and its effects in the literary field is a task of enormous dimension and staggering complexity. Taking recent scholarship on awards and vocational prizes, recognition and esteem, comparative literature, and the sociology of literature as a starting point, we would like to take on this task head-on and invite experts from around the globe to an international and interdisciplinary Nobel Prize symposium at the German Literature Archive, Marbach.

Full Call for Papers

Deadline for submission: 10th November 2019

written by Alice Duhan
14 October, 2019