Literary Transnationalism and Creativity in the Twenty-first Century

An online workshop co-organized by Stefan Helgesson (Stockholm University) and Marcello Stella (University of São Paulo).

7th May 2021: 15:00-17:30 (CET) / 11:00-13:30 (BRT)


With the globalization of cultural fields, increasingly intricate means of producing inequality and cultural monopolization have evolved. Contrary to the neoliberal dogma of the freedom of the open market, the international economy of symbolic goods, as conceived by Pierre Bourdieu, is not in any way free from barriers or constraints. As discussed by John B. Thompson, the emergence of huge transnational publishers, superagents, and the consolidation of Amazon’s market hegemony have reinforced the uneven dynamics of book production and translation capacity between countries and languages . Despite these structural obstacles there are an important number of projects, festivals, publishers, writers, and cultural brokers that try to invent new ways to resist the complete economic mastery of the literary universe.

Thus, one objective of this online seminar is to reflect on how writers, audiences and publishers attempt to sustain their creative projects within the current cultural economy and media ecology. On the other hand, it is equally necessary to focus on the economic and governmental mechanisms whereby corporations and states shape literary global markets, regulate politics of translations, support alternative events and publications, or promote already consecrated authors and works.


poster_literary_transnationalism - Session 1

poster_literary_transnationalism - Session 2

written by Alice Duhan
5 March, 2021