Eric Hayot at Stockholm University (11th April)

Humanist Reason
Eric Hayot, Penn State University

Open lecture 11th April 2019, 1:30 - 3 pm

Venue: William Olssonsalen, Geovetenskapens hus

“Humanist Reason” first describes, and then revises, our understanding of how scholars in the human sciences think -- how they use evidence, how they argue, how they come to the truth. Distinguishing forms of common metadiscourse about the humanities from the actual scholarly practice of humanist scholars, the talk makes the case for the humanities as a critical social form of thinking and argument, and for a revision of a general history of reason that so often excludes it.

Eric Hayot is invited by the research programme “Cosmopolitan and Vernacular Dynamics in World Literatures”. He is Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature and Asian Studies at Penn State University, and the highly acclaimed author of – among other books – The Hypothetical Mandarin: Sympathy, Modernity and Chinese Pain (2009), On Literary Worlds (2012) and The Elements of Academic Style (2014).

written by Alice Duhan
10 April, 2019