Ecotones 2: Experiences of Migration and Transformations in the Ecotones

Conference at the University of Poitiers, 22nd-24th June 2017. 

This event is the follow-up of a conference cycle on the notion of ecotones. Initially used in physical geography, an “ecotone” is a transitional area between two or more distinct ecological communities. The aim is to revisit this ecological metaphor and see how it sheds light on the transformations inherent in the social sciences such as in migration, diaspora, and settlement studies, while also investigating the hybrid cultures created in the ecotones discovered in literary studies, and explorations into the transitional spaces brought on by ecological changes. 

Ecotones can be analysed through their effects on who and what occupies them, through their relations with the spaces beyond them, through the transformative processes they induce. This second conference seeks to investigate further this avenue of research by focusing on migrant subjectivities and how it intersects with ecotonic contexts.

Call for papers /Appel à communications

EXTENDED deadline for submissions: 15th January 2017

Further information can be found on the conference website.

written by Alice Duhan
6 January, 2017