Call for Submissions: Islam in World Literary Imaginations

Edited by Sarah R. bin Tyeer, Claire Gallien and Mohammad Salama.

The editors invite proposals for a multi-volume work on Islam in World Literary Imaginations. The volume is designed to incorporate a variety of themes, influences, ramifications, impressions, and representations of Islam in world literatures in classical, medieval, modern, and contemporary contexts. Also included within the volume’s framework is the understanding that Islamic literary and cultural heritage is dynamic, constantly enriched and enlivened by various humanistic traditions, spanning the lives of individuals and societies throughout history. Volume editors are intentionally seeking comparative, disciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship that position Islam in world literatures with emphasis on exploring continuities and change in literary forms and functions, historical repressions, unspoken presences, identities, images, voices, and silences. Since its advent, Islam been a representational force to reckon with, creating constant impacts on world literatures in Africa, Europe, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, and the Americas. Yet, scholarship on Islam in world literatures has been sparse despite its significant presence. By Islam, this volume takes into consideration/meaning, an engagement with Islam as a religion, culture, and the literary productions in the various languages, periods, and geographical regions. The volume also records epistemological and chronological shifts. For instance, in the case of Europe, to what extent can it be argued that premodern Europe’s engagement with Islam was framed by the latter’s cultural hegemony, the transition with the Reconquista and the Renaissance, marked with the emergence of orientalism, and later with colonial/imperial Europe? If so, what significant consequences can be envisioned with regards to shifts in perceptions and positionings of Islam in world literary imaginations (Africa, Asia, Americas, the Balkans)? And what are the ramifications of these shifts in the world today?

The editors invite theoretically informed papers dealing with aspects Islam in world literary imaginations addressing the following topics:

● Literary engagements and inspirations (fictional and non-fictional) to the world of Islam and to the Qur’an in World Literatures (examples, Goethe, Lady Montagu, Poe, Salman Rushdie)
● Literary treatment/representation of the Prophet Muhammad in literary works across all periods and all continents (examples may include, but are not restricted to Salim Bachi, Dante, Dostoevsky, Voltaire, Mohsin Hamid, Khaled Hosseini, and Zhu Yuanzhang)
● Islam/Muslim as a trope (Islam as a trope for scientific advancement in the premodern period, the scientists, the Muselmann, the Moor, the Saracen, the Turk, for instance)
● Muslims/ Muslim characters in world literary works (Cide Hamete Benengeli in Don Quixote, for instance)
● Islam as a disrupting, and a reconfiguring power (Shelley, The Revolt of Islam , for instance)
● Islamic literatures and perceptions of the world in them (Ibn ‘Arabī, Ibn al-Fāriḍ, al-Niffarī)
● Positions, contributions, of Islam and Islamic literatures to World Literatures (A Thousand and One Nights, Ḥayy Ibn Yaqẓān, Risālat al-Ghufrān, Aag Ka Darya, etc )
● Translation, especially of the Qur’an and other Islamic literatures and the politics of translation across periods and continents (examples: Blachère, Sale, etc)
● The position/reckoning of, and engagement with Islam (or lack thereof) in contemporary literary theory dealing with the World/worlds (postcolonialism, decolonial, comparative, World Literature)

Submission Deadline: Please submit a 400-500 word titled abstract with a short bio (250 words maximum) on or before Friday, July 6th, 2018. Please send abstracts to : Approved Articles’ Submission Deadline: February 3rd, 2019. The editors welcome original manuscripts of 6000–7500 words including sources and footnotes.




written by Alice Duhan
14 May, 2018