Call for papers: Slavery, Memory and Literature

Call for papers for the workshop “Slavery, Memory and Literature
Paris, October 18-19 2017
Columbia Global Center and EHESS

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Extract from the call for papers:

Over the last 3 decades, slavery and its social and cultural legacies has been an important subject of commemoration, scholarship and artistic exploration as well as a site of public debate. In this workshop, we engage this question from the vantage point of literature, understood in the broadest sense as textual, visual or cinematic depictions of slavery across genres ranging from memoirs, diaries and travel literature to novels, documentaries and feature films. We ask how, at different moments, ‘literature’ has contributed to the transmission (or the repression) of the memory of slavery.

The seminar is the second in a series preparing the book Comparative Literary Histories of Slavery, eds. Mads Anders Baggesgaard, Madeleine Dobie and Karen-Margrethe Simonsen in the series of literary histories made by CHLEL under the ICLA, Publishing House: John Benjamins Publishing. Two other volumes engage with the topics of Slavery, Literature and Emotion and Authorship, Literary Culture and Slavery.

Please send 100-200 word abstracts for 20 min. papers to no later than August 1, 2016 along with a short biographical note.



written by Alice Duhan
6 June, 2017