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News 29 Mar, 2021

Literary Landscapes of Time

Christina Kullberg will be representing our programme at the upcoming conference Literary Landscapes of Time: Multiple Temporalities and Spaces in (Latin) American and Caribbean Literatures at the University of Leipzig, 21st-23rd April 2021. 

Event 5 Mar, 2021

Literary Transnationalism and Creativity in the Twenty-first Century

News 8 Jan, 2021

New Book on Swedish Working-class Fiction in Translation

Swedish working-class fiction from the 1930s has quite rightly been regarded as one of Sweden's most important contributions to world literature. Nowhere else has a single generation of self-taught writers with origins in the lower social classes had such a strong and long-lasting impact. But what happens once this literature travels outside of Sweden's borders? Does this literature have a life there?

News 18 Nov, 2020

New Publication: Invoking Flora Nwapa

We're proud to present another book written by a member of our research group: Invoking Flora Nwapa: Nigerian Women Writers, Femininity and Spirituality in World Literature by Paula Uimonen

Call for papers 4 Nov, 2020

Special Issue: Comparative Literature Studies