Louise Nilsson

Senior lecturer, Comparative Literature

Stockholm University



Dr Louise Nilsson holds a PhD in History of Science and Ideas from Uppsala University. She is currently a lecturer in the department of English at Stockholm University.

Her dissertation examined the breakthrough of a modern advertising during the early 20th century in Sweden, and its American influences. Besides Nilsson’s historical oriented research she focuses on contemporary popular culture and specializes in crime fiction. She’s currently co-editing the collection Crime Fiction as World Literature (Bloomsbury 2016) with Professor Theo D’Haen (University of Leuven) and Professor David Damrosch (Harvard University). Her postdoctoral research dealt with the marketing of Swedish crime fiction in a transnational context.

Mediating the North in a Transnational Context. Vernacular and Cosmopolitan Places in Nordic Noir

Louise Nilsson's project within the research program Cosmopolitan and Vernacular Dynamics in World Literatures addresses the values of places depicted in literature. Seeing that the contemporary genre of Nordic crime fiction is a globally dispersed literary genre that interacts with other media forms, for example in film-making based on novels, she investigates how the depiction of local and global place creates an imaginary which is in turn bound up with a broader notion of the European north as an ostensible “elsewhere”. The conceptualisation of the production of space (Lefebvre), the global imaginary and mediascapes (Appadurai) inform the theoretical basis of her study.