Alice Duhan

Alice Duhan

Project administrator

PhD student, French and Francophone Literatures

Stockholm University

Alice Duhan is a PhD student in French at the Department of Romance Studies and Classics, Stockholm University. She is currently working on a doctoral dissertation on contemporary translingual authors writing in French, focusing in particular on Vassilis Alexakis, Nancy Huston and Andreï Makine.

Her dissertation studies how the thematisation of language in these writers' work engages with various language myths and representations of language (imaginaire des langues/de la langue), and also explores the modes and functions of translingualism as expressed on a textual level. She is also interested in how translingual writers have been received in French-speaking contexts and the way in which their work allows to articulate tensions inherent in the idea of “francophone literature” in light of current debates on the transnational within literary studies.

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