Our Uncommon Ground - Conference at Durham University

In three weeks time, Dr Christina Kullberg from our programme will be joining UK colleagues in a panel at the conference Our Uncommon Ground: Modern Languages and Cultures for the 21st Century at Durham University (16-18th April 2018). Her paper is entitled "The Archipelagic longue durée of Caribbean Literatures".

Transversalities of Atlantic, Caribbean and Global North/South Studies I: Trans-Temporalities
Speakers: Dunja Fehimovic (Newcastle University), Christina Kullberg (Uppsala University), Rory O’Brien (King's College, Cambridge)

What does it mean to both inhabit and transcend Modern Languages and Cultures as a disciplinary home? What are the limitations and outer boundaries of our temporal, cultural and territorial imaginaries? Why is it of unprecedented importance to now question and resist the norms of belonging, containment and alignment that define the uncertain grounds of modern, languages and cultures solidarity? Centred on these and related questions, this two-part panel sets out to explore and reflect on the urgent task of imagining modern languages and cultures from and across multiples transversalities: of places and spaces, dialects and narratives; and through dynamic and non-linear historical, political and aesthetic temporalities.

written by Alice Duhan
27 March, 2018