Semi-periphery at EST Congress 2019

A number of researchers from our Translation group will participate in the 9th Congress of the European Society for Translation Studies at Stellenbosch University next week. 

Their papers all probe the notion of the semi-periphery from a variety of angles:

  • Support Policies in the Semi-Periphery: the Impact of Italian and Portuguese Cultural Institutes in the Swedish Literary Field
    Cecilia Schwartz & Chatarina Edfeldt
  • Cultural Diplomacy vs. Bestseller Culture. Semi-Peripheral literature on a Central Literary Marketplace. Example: Swedish Literature in France ca 1980–2018
    Andreas Hedberg
  • Bibliomigration from Periphery to Semi- Periphery. Contemporary Spanish Caribbean Literature in Swedish Translation as a case in point.
    Yvonne Lindqvist. 

    Andreas Hedberg is also convenor of the panel "Translation support policies vs. book industry practice in non-English settings".

    Further details can be found in the conference programme

written by Alice Duhan
4 September, 2019