Loose Tongues conference programme

The World Literatures research group is organising the conference "Loose Tongues: World Literature and the Vernacular" at Stockholm University, 23-25 August 2017. The programme can be accessed here and the poster can be foundĀ here. The keynote lectures by Daniel Heller-Roazen, Eileen Julien and Francesca Orsini are open to the public.

If world literature is literature that travels, this apparently excludes the vernacular. Conversely, if the vernacular in literature is that which relates to a specific place, language and time, a cosmopolitan world seems immaterial to its concerns. And yet, literature in the world as we know it is constituted through entanglements of the local with the global, of the untranslatable with the transnationally current. This is the point of departure for "Loose Tongues", which seeks to explore multiple dimensions of the vernacular in literary history and form, and thereby to recalibrate assumptions concerning the occlusion of the vernacular in world literary circulation as well as in world literature studies.

written by Stefan Helgesson
11 July, 2017