On our radar

Event 10 Apr, 2018

World Literature, Context and Global Studies. Workshop at Stockholm University

Welcome to a one-day workshop gathering on the topic of world literature, context, and global studies, organized by Louise Nilsson, Stefan Helgesson and Gül Bilge Han at the Department of English, Stockholm University.

News 27 Mar, 2018

Our Uncommon Ground - Conference at Durham University

News 20 Mar, 2018

African Literature and the Press

Dr Erik Falk from our group is currently visiting our network partners at the Paul Valéry University of Montpellier for the conference "African Literature and the Press", organized by Dr Claire Ducournau. His paper is titled "Writing East Africa in the world: Transition’s early years".

Event 12 Mar, 2018

Researching World Literature (Lund Literary Society)

Annika Mörte Alling, Paul Tenngart and Christian Claesson will be presenting our research programme at the Lund Literary Society tonight and also discussing methods and theories in the study of World Literature. 

News 28 Feb, 2018

The Harems of Constantinople in Stories by Elsa Lindberg-Dovlette