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News 26 Nov, 2018

World Literatures. Exploring the Cosmopolitan-Vernacular Exchange

We are delighted to announce the release of our research group's first book-length publication:World Literatures. Exploring the Cosmopolitan-Vernacular Exchange (Stockholm University Press, 2018).

Blog 29 Nov, 2018

New Book: World Literatures

In her recent book, Postcolonial Poetics, Elleke Boehmer sees world literature studies as assuming “a general interchangeability across cultural divides” (14). This has been one tendency in the field, but if it describes the current state of world literature in the academy is debatable. In our new publication, World Literatures: Exploring the Cosmopolitan-Vernacular Exchange, the intention has been different: to return to the rough ground of literature’s making of and being in the world.

News 26 Nov, 2018

Sociologies of Poetry Translation

Cecilia Schwartz from our research programme is amongst the contributors to a recent volume on the sociology of poetry translation. Her chapter is titled  "Semiperipheral Relations: The Status of Italian Poetry in Sweden". 

Event 13 Nov, 2018

Talk series: The Role of the Writer

As part of a series of three talks exploring the role of the writer today, Christina Kullberg from our programme will join literary critic Judith Kiros in a discussion on the Algerian writer Assia Djebar on 20th November.

Event 13 Nov, 2018

Lawrence Venuti at Stockholm University (22-23/11)

Welcome to two lectures by Professor Lawrence Venuti (Temple University) at Stockholm University next week. 

Call for papers 8 Nov, 2018

Multiethnica 2019: Special issue on multilingualism

Multiethnica is an interdisciplinary journal focusing on themes related to ethnicity. The journal was founded in 1987 and has since been an important and valued publication, serving a wide audience within and outside the scholarly community.

Event 21 Sep, 2018

Seminar at Oxford University

Dr Annika Mörte Alling will present the World Literatures research programme at a seminar hosted by the Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation group at the University of Oxford. 

Call for papers 23 Oct, 2018

Centre for Comparative Literature's 29th Annual Conference (Toronto)

Event 3 Sep, 2018

"What Is a Text?" Lecture by Karin Barber at Stockholm University

News 2 Jul, 2018

Tenure-Track Professorship in World Literature,Vienna

The University of Vienna invites applications for a tenure-track professorship in the field of World Literature/Weltliteratur at the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies.