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News 7 Nov, 2017

A literary perspective on the Catalonia crisis

In an article published yesterday in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, Christian Claesson argues that the literary system in Spain reflects the tensions which have come to the surface in the recent political crisis. "Spanish literature" is notably taken to mean literature in Spanish rather than literature published in the country of Spain, thus excluding literature written in Basque, Catalan or Galician.

Event 9 Nov, 2017

Conference: (Re)Creating A Global Literary Canon

14-15 December 2017, University of Vienna.
Organized by Peggy Levitt and Wiebke Sievers.

Event 6 Nov, 2017

"World Literature: For and Against": workshop at St Hugh's College, Oxford

Event 3 Nov, 2017

Poetics of Place – An exploration of space in the spirit of Glissant

A half-day workshop at Södertörn University, Stockholm, 2-6pm on 10th November 2017.

News 3 Nov, 2017

Review: Cosmopolitanism in China 1600-1950

Irmy Schweiger from our group has recently reviewed Cosmopolitanism in China 1600-1950 by Minghui Hu and Johan Elverskog (Amherst, New York: Cambria Press, 2016) for the journal Comparative Literature & World Literature.

Call for papers 3 Nov, 2017

Archives of Resistance: Cosmopolitanism, Memory and World Literature

International Conference, University of Leeds, 20-22June 2018

Event 20 Oct, 2017

Seminar by Helena Bodin and Cecilia Schwartz (25th Oct, SU)

Helena Bodin and Cecilia Schwartz will present their projects within our research programme at Stockholm University next week.

Time: 25th October 2017, 3-5pm
Place: Conference room 328, Humanistvillan, Stockholm University


Blog 19 Oct, 2017

World literature and the vernacular

A guest blogpost by Tasnim Qutait, Uppsala University

While doing some research on writing in Egyptian ‘ammiya recently,  I came across a satirical cartoon from the 20s featuring a peasant woman (or literally, bint-el-balad, daughter of the land),  and what might be called the Egyptian New Woman, described in the cartoon as al-fata al mustarjila sa’iqat al-automobile — the “mannish” girl who drives an automobile. The peasant woman is turning her back to the other woman, believing her to be a Western man, or a “khawaga.”  Responding to some question from the driver, she speaks in dialect, saying: “By the prophet, I don’t know, oh khawaga, ask my husband.”

Call for papers 26 Sep, 2017

European Peripheries in Postcolonial Literatures (24th May 2018, University of Liège)

Former colonial metropolises, London and Paris in particular, form popular loci for the so-called postcolonial/ethnic minority literary texts set in Europe (see e.g. McLeod 2004; Adesanmi 2005; Kuietche Fonkou 2010; De Souza & Murdoch 2013; Perfect 2014). With their landmarks and suburbs, these multicultural metropolitan centres serve as settings in narratives exploring a variety of diasporic and minority experiences in Europe. In this way, the texts contribute to the project of rewriting European cityscapes from a new perspective, and draw attention to the ways in which Europe itself is postcolonial (Schulze-Engler 2013).

Call for papers 19 Sep, 2017

African Literature and the Press (19-20th March 2018, Montpellier)

This conference will reflect on the reciprocal relationship between the press and African literature of the 20th and 21st centuries. From colonial news bulletins to online magazines, via illustrated glossy magazines and daily papers created after the independences, the press has been a decisive mode of dissemination for African writers.